Maria Riegler, MSc

Maria Riegler, MSc is Research Associate at the Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy (IBES) and PhD candidate at MODUL University Vienna.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Social Sciences and a Master’s degree in Socio-Economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. During her Bachelor studies, she spent one year at Lund University in Sweden.

Publications by
Maria Riegler



In the context of her dissertation, she is investigating the factors of the origin of collective forms of private regulation and collaborative collective action. Specifically, she is examining the reasoning behind private actors’ (especially companies) participation in the creation of private regulation.

Project collaboration

In addition to her dissertation, she is involved in the Josef Ressel Center for Collective Action and Responsible Partnerships (JR Center CARe) and in research projects in the fields of academic governance and marketing ethics, and has co-authored research proposals. In addition, she supports various IBES publication projects through research work and manuscript preparation.

Maria Riegler is particularly experienced in conducting systematic literature reviews and qualitative research projects.

Further occupations

She was a student assistant at SERI (Sustainable Europe Research Institute), research assistant at ChangeTank Projekt GmbH, project coordinator at a newly founded education NGO and research intern at ÖIN (Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development).

Specialization and Competence

Areas of Specialization

  • Antecedents of Private Governance
  • Collaborative Collective Action
  • Political Responsibility of Business

Areas of Competence

  • Qualitative Methods
  • Organization Theory
  • Socioeconomics


Contribution in anthology/conference proceedings (full paper)
  1. Scholz, M., Riegler, M. Damoser, W., Jarmai, K. (2021). Collective Corporate Action for Sustainability. In Fritz, J. & Tomaschek, N. (Eds.): University – Society – Industry. Beiträge zum lebensbegleitenden Lernen und Wissenstransfer, Band 10, Waxmann Verlag.
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Presentation at scientific conference
  1. Riegler, M, Jarmai, K, Scholz, M (2021). Antecedents of Business Engagement in Inter-Organizational Collaborations for Sustainability. 37th EGOS Colloquium, Amsterdam (NL).
  2. Scholz, M., Smith, C., Riegler, M. (2021). Public Health and Collective Action by Business: Antecedents of Pharmaceutical Company Engagement in Institutions Providing Fair Access to Covid-19 Vaccines. Business & Society Paper Development Workshop, 03.06.-06.06.2021
  3. Riegler, M., Scholz M. (2020). Towards a Preliminary Model of Antecedents of Private Governance. 7. GSOM Emerging Markets Conference, St. Petersburg (RUS)
Technical Reports/White Papers
  1. Busch, A., Riegler, M., Jarmai, K. & Scholz, M. (2021). Unternehmerische Verantwortung durch Kooperation. FHWien der WKW, Study for the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, Vienna.
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  3. Fischer, M., Riegler, M., Tuma, A. & Windecker, S. (2016). Comparing Organisers of Classical Music Concerts in Vienna. An Exploratory, Qualitative Analysis of Social Distinction, Strategies, Cultural Policy, and Dealing with Changes in the Audience. Schriftenreihe / Forschungsbereich Wirtschaft und Kultur, Nr. 19, Vienna.
Article in industry media
  1. Scholz, M. & Riegler, M. (2018). Corporate Governance & Collective Action: No Risk, No Fun?. Blog Creating Corporate Cultures, Bertelsmann Stiftung, March., Link
Article in mass media
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