Markus Scholz as Keynote Speaker at the Event “Innovation in Times of Pandemic”

February 22, 2021
(C) DerBrutkasten
(C) DerBrutkasten

Prof. Dr. Markus Scholz will give a keynote on February 23, 2021 at 4.30 pm in the course of the event “Innovation in Times of the Pandemic – Innovative Production & Manufacturing in Challenging Times”. His presentation will focus on Collective Action in the pharmaceutical industry in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. Markus Scholz will discuss on the one hand the political responsibility of companies in the pharmaceutical industry and on the other hand he will focus on two concrete examples: the CoVIg-19 Plasma Alliance and COVAX.

This event is hosted by Vienna Business Agency and the der Brustkasten. It is about what lessons can be learned from the corona crisis. For example, that production processes can be completely rethought with enough creativity and innovation when necessary. In order to cushion the economic impact of the Corona pandemic, the Vienna Business Agency launched the “Innovate4Vienna” funding program at the beginning of 2020. This funding program, with a total volume of 4 million euros, gave 36 innovative Viennese companies the opportunity to develop new products and realize ideas on how companies and institutions can function despite the restrictions imposed by the corona virus – including new types of protective equipment, implementation of hygiene measures or testing capacities.

The event “Innovation in Times of the Pandemic – Innovative Production & Manufacturing in Challenging Times” brings six of these innovative projects to the stage, with a special focus on industrial production and manufacturing at the interface with medical technology.

The program can be found here.

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