Responsible Management Lectures: Ideas for Better Business

November 5, 2020, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Onine via Zoom

The climate crisis and not least the Covid-19 pandemic underscore the urgency of transforming the socio-economic framework of our social life. With the lecture series “Responsible Management Lectures: Ideas for Better Business” we would like to initiate an interdisciplinary discourse on the future of our economic system with a special focus on economic and business ethics. Since the winter semester 2012, we have regularly organized a lecture series on general business ethics topics. For the winter semester 2020, we chose “The Political Responsibility of Business” as the overarching theme for the lecture series.

We are very pleased that Prof. Dr. Elke Schüßler, Head of Institute for Organization Science, Johannes Kepler University Linz, will give a lecture, in English.

Collective action on living wages: Analyzing the emergence of the Action, Collaboration, Transformation (ACT) initiative

Social auditing, the dominant form of private labor governance in global supply chains since the 1990s, is now widely acknowledged to have major limitations. Since the catastrophic Rana Plaza factory building collapse in Bangladesh in 2013, the global garment industry is experimenting with new private governance models to address continued violations of core labor standards in the industry.

In my talk, I will provide a new mapping of private labor governance initiatives that draws attention to two dimensions of these new initiatives: firm collective action and labor inclusiveness. Multi-firm coordination and firm-union coordination is important because collective action problems and weak labor representation lie at the heart of poor labor standards in global supply chains. Using the case of the »Action, Collaboration, Transformation« living wages initiative, I will discuss the mechanisms of emergence of such collective action initiatives and discuss their limits and boundary conditions.

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