City of Vienna Competence Team

TransformS into Practice

Transfer of the generated knowledge about Dynamic Capabilities for Sustainability into operational practice

Companies are increasingly required to contribute to social and ecological sustainability in addition to their economic legitimacy. This business necessity results, among other things, from increased pressure from customers, politics and NGOs.

Accompanying changes are usually associated with a large input of resources and the implementation with economic risks. However, a strategic orientation according to sustainability criteria also opens up access to new fields of activity, which in turn can lead to product and service innovations or competitive advantages.

As part of the research project “Transformation for Sustainability” (TransformS), the City of Vienna Competence Team is shedding light on change competencies that help companies to promote the mentioned strategic orientation according to sustainability criteria or sustainability-oriented innovations.

Support for companies in the shift toward more sustainability

Your company faces the challenge of mastering a strategic change towards more sustainability? The TransformS team supports and assists in the generation of sustainability-oriented innovations. There is the possibility to collaborate on different levels:

  • The Sustainability Innovation Check analyzes the current status of a company’s transformation towards sustainability and sheds light on the necessary change competencies.
  • Based on the results of the Sustainability Innovation Check, a Positive Impact Workshop develops tailor-made measures to promote change competencies.
  • Provision of master’s thesis topics for students of FHWien der WKW.

Based on the conceptual framework model developed by the competence team, instruments for diagnosing sustainability-oriented strategic change competencies (Dynamic Capabilities for Sustainability) in Austrian companies will be used in practice for the first time. In addition, measures for the development and promotion of Dynamic Capabilities for Sustainability are derived through individual workshops and focus groups with companies.

Subsequently, it is the aim of the project to pass on the generated expertise to companies in a target group-oriented manner. In particular, the project results will be presented at lectures and workshops for practitioners and published in practice-oriented magazines.