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This page contains press releases, current media reports on research projects at IBES and press photos of the researchers. IBES gladly supports journalists in their research and inquiries.

Contact person: Mag. Gisela Fuchs

Press releases

Reporting on research at IBES

Economist: "Sustainability is neglected in Austria

Tech & Nature (AT), 17 June 2020: Article on the opening ceremony of the IBES, available at: techandnature.com

Research on corporate responsibility

DerStandard (AT), 08 June 2020: Article on the opening ceremony of the IBES, available at: derstandard.at

Sustainability research - at a high level and practical

CSR News (AT), 01 June 2020: Article on the opening ceremony of the IBES, available at: csr-news.net

Research Institute for Sustainable Management founded

BusinessArt (AT), 28. Mai 2020: Article on the opening ceremony of the IBES, available at: businessart.at

Sustainable management - Austria's research gets a boost

Windkraft-Journal (AT), 27. Mai 2020: Article on the opening ceremony of the IBES, available at: windkraft-journal.de

Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy opens the gates

GLOCALIST, daily newspaper for innovation (AT), 27. Mai 2020: Article on the opening ceremony of the IBES, available at: glocalist.press

In the Face of a Pandemic, Can Pharma Shift Gears?

MIT Sloan Management Review (AT), 16. April 2020: Article on the pharmaceutical industry and that it is particularly challenged in the Corona crisis – also in ethical terms. In order to fulfil its responsibility, it needs cooperation and self-control., available at: sloanreview.mit.edu

Guest article by Markus Scholz: Industry needs "pooling" of all forces

science.orf.at (AT), 2 April 2020: Interview on how to deal with the increased demand for drugs in the corona crisis, available at: science.orf.at

Among management control and tax avoidance

derstandard.at (AT), 7 October 2019: Article on tax laws for multinational companies and efficient processes, available at: derstandard.at

Image cultivation or question of faith

Börsianer (AT), 20 May 2019, pages 48-52: Article on CSR in Austrian companies, available at: issuu.com

Flags up for corporate ethics

derstandard.at (AT), 23 April 2019: Article on the link between profit and social responsibility, available at: derstandard.at

The search for the business model for sustainability

APA-Science (AT), 28 March 2019: Article on sustainability in the Austrian economy, available at: science.apa.at

Good advice from advisory boards is rare

derstandard.at (AT), 26 February 2019: Article on the study “Advisory Boards in Austrian SMEs”, available at: derstandard.at

Transparency study on third-party funding failed

science.orf.at (AT) and derstandard.at (AT), 17 January 2019: Transparency study on third-party funding at Austrian universities failed, available at: science.orf.at and derstandard.at

No transparency on third-party funding at universities

Ö1 Radio (AT), 17 January 2019: Radio interview on the failed study on transparency in third-party funding at Austrian universities, available at: oe1.orf.at and oe1.orf.at

Why Khashoggi's death changes corporations

Spiegel Online (DE), 23 October 2018: Guest article on the Khashoggi case: Why companies can no longer shirk human rights issues, available at: spiegel.de

Collective self-regulation for secure crypto currencies

derstandard.at/Science (AT), 17 June 2018: Interview on collective action for standard setting as a possible way to reduce systemic risks in the crypto-money industry, available at: derstandard.at

Are managers merely the "henchmen" of their shareholders?

www.life-science.eu (AT), April 2018: Interview on corporate social responsibility, ethical investment and the role of transparency in the pharmaceutical industry, available at: life-science.eu

The consequences of the catastrophe

science.orf.at (AT), 26 March 2018: Interview on private sector responses to the Rana Plaza tragedy, collective action and industry self-regulation, available at: science.orf.at

CSR and business ethics at universities

CSR MAGAZIN (DE), March 2018: Interview series on CSR and business ethics education in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Responsibility on the timetable

corporAID Magazine (AT), March/April 2018, pages 30-31: Article on further education on sustainability management, available at: corporaid.at

Ethics, only on paper

Salzburger Nachrichten, 31 January 2018, page 11: Print version of the interview about animal and human experimentation in car companies and why there is a gap between being and wanting in ethics and behaviour

Press photos

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Prof. Dr. Markus Scholz, MSc

Head of Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy

Endowed Chair of Corporate Governance & Business Ethics

FH-Prof. Dr. Ann-Christine Schulz

Deputy Head of Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy

Institute Research Coordinator

Dr. Anne Maria Busch, MSc

Endowed Professor for Microeconomics of Competitiveness

Dr. habil. Clemens Löffler

Senior Researcher

Dr. Daniela Ortiz Avram

Senior Researcher

Institute Teaching Coordinator

Maria Riegler, MSc

Research Associate

PhD Candidate