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TransformS to Teaching

Transfer of generated knowledge into teaching

The results of the “Transformation for Sustainability (TransformS)” project are transferred to teaching at FHWien der WKW in various ways. Among other things, the “Certificate for Sustainability Change Agents” is being developed and piloted. The voluntary, extracurricular further training aims at the participants’ individual skills, which enable them to initiate changes towards sustainability in organisations and thus to help shape the future responsibly.

As part of the project, students also have the opportunity to write master’s theses with thematic proximity to the research object.

In addition, the technical, methodological and process knowledge generated in the current project is continuously transferred to the students of the FHWien, and thus to future specialists and managers through existing subject-related courses (e.g. strategy, business ethics and sustainability).

Certificate for Sustainability Change Agents
Master theses

Sustainability Change Agent Certificate


Thank you for your interest! Registration is now closed. On this website we will keep you informed about future developments regarding the certificate.


The “Certificate for Sustainability Change Agents” (SCA) will be offered for the first time as a pilot at FHWien der WKW in the 2022/23 winter semester. The English-language further training is a voluntary, extracurricular offer developed by the “Change for Corporate Sustainability” competence team (sponsor: MA23 City of Vienna).

The further training aims to promote individual skills* that enable the participants to initiate changes towards sustainability in organisations and thus to help shape the future responsibly. Among other things, it is about strategic thinking, communication, teamwork, and self-reflection.

These skills are conveyed and practiced in seven interactive lectures including discussions, exercises and reflections. Participants are supported in developing an increased awareness of sustainability in their own (professional) everyday life. In addition, sustainability academics and professionals illuminate the competencies from different perspectives. The certificate is not only an innovative further education offer but also enables networking with exciting personalities.

* The publication Wiek, A., Withycombe, L., & Redman, C. L. (2011) serves as the scientific basis for sustainability skills. Key competencies in sustainability: a reference framework for academic program development. Sustainability science, 6(2), 203-218.

semester (2 months)
  • Certificate from FHWien der WKW with at least 75% attendance
  • Possible recognition of

    2 ECTS if exam is passed

Access Requirements
  • Active students of the FHWien der WKW (in bachelor's and master's courses), with no content requirements
  • Good English knowledge

What is a Sustainability Chance Agent?

Overcoming global challenges such as the climate crisis requires new solutions. Instead of incremental changes, what is needed is a far-reaching social change towards sustainability.

SCAs are those who independently initiate, implement and/or accompany this change in their professional and private lives.

What qualifies them? In addition to the necessary specialist knowledge (e.g. in the area of ​​management) and general skills (e.g. creativity), SCAs also have specific skills. These include system, value, future and strategic thinking, self-reflection, empathy and teamwork. Applying these skills makes it possible to analyse sustainability challenges, cooperatively develop roadmaps for sustainability and successfully implement projects.

What our lecturers say

The content of the training focuses on:

  • various theoretical and practical perspectives on sustainability – with a focus on entrepreneurial solutions,
  • critical reflection of one’s own and social actions,
  • interactive imparting of skills to be able to help shape solutions to sustainability challenges.

After completing the training, students will be able to:

  • consider complex sustainability challenges and corporate solution strategies systemically and to create simple system diagrams,
  • describe the influence of values ​​on sustainability challenges and corporate solution strategies,
  • name and critically reflect on values ​​related to sustainability at the individual and organizational level,
  • critically reflect on the potential role of intrapersonal competencies for (corporate) sustainability,
  • identify, characterize and meaningfully engage key stakeholders in relation to sustainability challenges
  • communicate sustainability issues effectively to different stakeholders.
  • describe the importance of future thinking for corporate sustainability and apply basic tools such as visioning or scenario development,
  • identify and critically question the different stages of implementing a sustainability strategy in a company.


  • Networking with international sustainability professionals from practice and science
  • Focused aquisition of skills that can be applied directly in personal and professional life
  • Personal development as a change agent
  • Interactive learning with a limited number of participants
  • Qualifications that will help you with your next application
  • Possible recognition of 2 ECTS if exam is passed



7 sessions à 2.5h each. In total 21 teaching units in presence and online (blended learning)


Possible recognition of 2 ECTS if exam is passed

Study places

Max. 20 students

Classroom language



November 8 to December 20, 2022

Place of study

Online or in presence at the wko campus wien, Währinger Gürtel 97, 1180 Vienna (U6 station Währinger Straße/Volksoper)

Participation in 75% of the units is the prerequisite for acquiring the certificate



Exclusive free offer for FHW students


Inquiries until September 30, 2022 via Email to IBES

Overview of the sessions

The training consists of seven units. The units are held by various science and/or practice sustainability professionals. One hour of self-study is intended to prepare for the teaching units.

1st Session: Tuesday, 11/8/2022
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Kick-Off & Basics of sustainability
2nd Session: Tuesday, 11/15/2022
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Systems thinking
3rd Session: Tuesday, 11/22/2022
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Normative competences
4th Session: Tuesday, 11/29/2022
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Intrapersonal skills
5th Session: Tuesday, 12/6/2022
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Interperonal skills
6th Session: Tuesday, 12/13/2022
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Future thinking
7th Session: Tuesday, 12/20/2022
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Strategic thinking & Wrap-Up

Successful completion of the "Sustainability Change Agents" certificate

  • The prerequisite for receiving the FHWien der WKW certificate is at least 75% attendance.
  • Optionally, 2 additional ECTS can be recognised in the respective course.
  • The prerequisite for earning 2 ECTS is a passed exam. The exam consists of a plan for a personal sustainability project (approx. 25 hours).

Master theses

As part of the “Transformation for Sustainability (TransformS)” project, theses are supervised by in the master’s degree programs at FHWien der WKW. The work will address questions closely related to the project’s research focus, particularly Dynamic Capabilities for Sustainability. The students are supervised by the employees of the competence team.

If you are interested in a thesis, please get in contact with Dr. Daniela Ortiz Avram.

General information on master theses at IBES can be found here.