Research Colloquium “Business Ethical Reflection on the Human Rights Situation in Northwest China” (INTERN)

June 8, 2022, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Raum B102, Währinger Gürtel 97, 1180 Wien

In the Research Colloquium, current research work and other research institutions will be presented. Original journal articles, book and conference contributions, etc. will be presented and discussed regardless of their stage. The focus is on constructive feedback. The research colloquium is advertised internally at the UASW and is aimed specifically at researchers and employees who are interested in current topics from the fields of “management” and “business ethics” as well as from their neighbouring fields.

We are pleased to have won Dr. Alicia Hennig as a lecturer for this event. She will report on his current research on “Business Ethical Reflection on the Human Rights Situation in Northwest China”.

The Xinjiang region in the northwest of the People’s Republic of China is now well known for the systematic human rights violations committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The ethnic minority of the Uyghurs is particularly affected by this. They are closely monitored and, in the event of the slightest irregularity, interned in camps outside the law, “re-educated” (sinicized) and forced to work. In the meantime, it has become known that products of this forced labor can also be found in international supply chains. This raises the question of whether German companies in Xinjiang are guilty of complicity if they knowingly participate in or encourage human rights violations by a state actor (the government).

This is an internal event, which unfortunately is not open to the public. However, if you are interested in the topic, please feel free to contact us or the lecturers directly.