Josef Ressel Center CARe

Research priorities and goals

Main research topics

Today’s global society is confronted with grand societal challenges such as resource scarcity, social inequality or the climate crisis. Corporations are increasingly called upon to actively address these challenges.

Previous strategic approaches to this matter, such as corporate social responsibility (CSR) or sustainability management, place responsibility at the level of individual companies and are therefore not sufficiently effective in addressing grand challenges.

Both the academic literature and supranational organizations such as the United Nations (UN) or the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) refer to collective action as a promising approach for addressing social and environmental issues.

Collective action initiatives are collaborative, long-term cooperation processes between companies and other stakeholders with the objective to solve socially and entrepreneurially relevant problems. The JR Center CARe explores such collective action initiatives on the basis of the following five questions:

  • What drives companies to engage in collective action initiatives?
  • What basic conditions are suitable for the development of collective action initiatives?
  • How can collective action initiatives be managed more effectively and what success factors can be identified?
  • How can the success of collective action initiatives be measured?
  • Where do collective action initiatives derive their legitimacy?


Moving the academic discourse forward

The JR Center CARe aims to make a substantial contribution to the existing academic research on collective action. To achieve this goal, the center’s research results will be published internationally. Contributions in leading scientific journals, monographs and various articles in transfer journals are planned. In addition, members of the JR Center CARe will participate in conferences and host both conferences and workshops.

Generating practice-oriented knowledge

The JR Center CARe strives to be a competent partner for companies and other stakeholders regarding questions that arise from daily business activities. It is a special concern of ours to involve the center’s corporate partners in research, piloting and communicating results. Furthermore, the JR Center CARe develops tools for establishing, managing and evaluating collective action initiatives and advises companies on how to design such partnerships successfully.

Cooperating with companies and other stakeholders

The partners of the JR Center CARe benefit from our expertise and the mutual exchange of knowledge in the CARe network. Until 2025, the JR Center CARe will organize several knowledge transfer events for companies and other stakeholders alike. In addition, we will organize bilateral workshops exclusively for our corporate partners to disseminate our research results and facilitate their implementation in the company.