Responsible Management Lectures: Ideas for Better Business

October 22, 2020, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Online via Zoom

The climate crisis and not least the Covid-19 pandemic underscore the urgency of transforming the socio-economic framework of our social life. With the lecture series “Responsible Management Lectures: Ideas for Better Business” we would like to initiate an interdisciplinary discourse on the future of our economic system with a special focus on economic and business ethics. Since the winter semester 2012, we have regularly organized a lecture series on general business ethics topics. For the winter semester 2020, we chose “The Political Responsibility of Business” as the overarching theme for the lecture series.

We are very pleased that Prof. Dr. Anselm Schneider, University Lecturer | Assistant Professor, Stockholm Business School, will give a lecture, in English.

The Political Power of Multinational Corporations

Many of the operations of multinational corporations (MNCs) take place in countries where governments are either unable or unwilling to provide basic goods and services for their citizens. In such cases MNCs often compensate for the lack of governmental activity by engaging in the provision of public goods such as infrastructure, education and healthcare. In many cases, MNCs even engage in the provision of basic social rights, for example at improving the working conditions above local standards. Also in developed countries, corporations oftentimes complement or even substitute governments when providing certain public goods or rights.

In this lecture, I will first provide an overview over the political perspective on the role of corporations in society, which is essential for understanding the multifaceted activities of corporations beyond purely economic activities. On this basis, I will present reflections on the potential and limits – and even dangers – of an extensive political role of corporations in contemporary capitalism. Finally, I will ask what changes might be required on the levels of corporations and politics to harness the power of MNCs for the benefit of society.

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